Gifts from Jesus Christ


    With Jesus Christ, the twelve steps, and How It Works, I have been sober for over 44 continuous years
     and quit smoking (2 packs a day) 39 years ago.     "Let him who would boast, boast in the Lord." 1 Cor 1:31

     My Story

     Merlin Carothers

     Chris, my wife, has been my best friend for 28 years

    Jesus has enabled our family to take multiple trips to the Holy Lands.
    1. First trip (1977), alone
    2. Second trip (2010), with Chris and Chrissy (click to see pictures)
    3. Third   trip (2012), with Chris (click to see pictures)
    4. Fourth trip (2014), with Chris (click to see pictures)

Sponsors are Imperative--Don't forget the Medallion

The Serenity Prayer and Gratitude Lists are also extremely important

A GMC list is a list of God Manipulated Coincidences

Bill's Physical Conditioning:  Physical Conditioning is an important part of his recovery program (click here)

In 2002 Bill was elected Vice-Commander and in 2003 he was elected the full Commander of the War Veterans's Post 1917, Lakeland, FL
    Highest honor Bill ever received--men who faced death on the battlefield elected him their commander

A pilot, Bill built and flew a KR2, an extremely fast and dangerous experimental prop job

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